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पंचरत्न इंग्लिश मिडीयम स्कूल, पंढरपूर.

             पालकांमधील इंग्रजी विषयाची आवड त्याचे वाढत जाणारे महत्त्व हे संस्था चालकाच्या लक्षात आल्यामुळे संस्थेने सन 2003 च्या सुमारास दहकवठेकर प्रशालेच्या इमारतीत इंग्लिश मीडियम स्कूल ची सुरुवात झाली. पाच संस्थापक सदस्यांच्या स्मृती चिरंतन रहाव्यात यासाठी त्याला पंचरत्न असे नाव दिले आज जवळपास 600 मुले तेथे इंग्रजी माध्यमातून शिक्षण घेत आहेत यामुळे खूप कमी खर्चामध्ये पालकाला पालकांना आपल्या पाल्याला इंग्रजी माध्यमातून शिक्षण देण्याची सोय संस्थेने उपलब्ध करून दिली आहे

S D Moholkar, MUkhyadhyapak, Pancharatna English Medium School

मा. सौ. एस. डी. मोहोळकर


Pandharpur Education Society's  
Pancharatna English Medium School Pandharpur

C/O D.H. kawthekar prashala Veer Savarkar road Pandharpur.

⭐Admission under RTE act
✨Academic year 2023-24
⚡Nursery -3 years
⚡Junior Kg - 4 years
⚡Senior kg - 5 years


Special features :-  
          Specious playground and pleasant environment in this full having big playground in the city the school have building playground with small plants happy, caring and stimulating environment that insist  in the students a joy for learning.

Advanced Science Lab Computer Lab and Library Provision:- 
                The school has well equipped laborities provide the right motivation for students of all classes to work in harmony and learn by doing students also work in the lab from time to time and perform experiments school also have separate and well prepared a computer lab through them advanced knowledge to the students the Computer teaching is from 1 st standard.

Qualified Staff Personal Attention :- 
             the school have teachers always educated teacher staff graduated post graduated b.Ed etc. very co-operative staff and non- teaching staff so that's cool atmosphere, healthy and fresh. teachers pay personally attention towards the students. they look forward personality clear all about to each and every students.

Training of Various Sports :-
Trained, professional, personal help the students to acquire skills and techniques required for various games and sports. school provide indoor and outdoor games sports activity training even though pre -primary section the sports day celebrated in the school specially designed play area with the modern play equipments is also available.

Celebration of Various Cultural Activities :- 
                 The student to get an opportunity to exhibit their talent in music, dance and dramatics by participated in the cultural activities and the annual gathering. Festival like palki dahi handi, Rakhi Purnima,Diwali ,Eid , Christmas,Ganesh festival etc are celebrated with joy. jointly tree plantation activity also taken by the school.

Special Teacher for English Conversation :-
            In the school have trainer English teacher they conduct group discussion, quiz specially conversation periods are given in the classroom every Saturday.

Annual Gathering Bazar Day Project Exhibition:- 
              School arranges annual gathering functions are in the months of December or January they appoint for student special dance trainer on that time bazar day conducted by the school to improve student special skills of social.

Water supply:- 
            The school have facility of water different for using other use and another water supply for drinking water the school specially RO plant for drinking water.

Geet Mancha :- 
            In this activity school students participated in the Geet Manch.they sing 7 to 8 songs with 3000 students at the same time.

Competitive Exam:- 
                         the school conducted NTS and MTS exam, Olympiad exams, maths, pradnya shodh, scholarship exams, drawing elementary exam also conducted by the school for improving art skill of students.

Facility of E-Learning Projector:- 
               The school having projector pictures and diagrams shown by them it easy to learn by this method students remember studies well.

Health Inspection:- 
                             The school organised Health camp  doctor appointed and make checkup of students. the school every year measures students height and weight.
National, State and District level Student in various field:- 
         The school encourage to participate in sport and other activity by other school or government many students are ranked in district state and national level.


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Bank : BANK OF INDIA, (Pandharpur Branch)

Account Number : 071710100013920


​ आयकर खाते कलम क्रमांक ८० जी नुसार आपण आम्हाला दिलेली मदत आयकरमुक्त राहील.

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